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Saturday, February 4, 2023

In This Edition:
Doughnut country performance, finding a job in climate, climate reading list, how to do rational discourse, & fluidic propulsion!

Doughnut Country Performance

Image: University of Leeds

The University of Leeds published data on how each country has performed within the doughtnut economics model from 1992 to 2015.

Finding A Job In Climate

Image: Nan Ransohoff

Nan Ransohoff published an excellent post describing the different approaches on getting a job in climate change, based on her own journey of switching careers and working on climate removal with Stripe.


Climate Reading List

Image: Watershed

Watershed published a list of climate change reading items that they have identified as the most influential on identifying the problem space and solution areas.


How To Do Rational Discourse

Image: Less Wrong

Less Wrong published an interesting guide on how to engage in rationalist discourse, with some helpful examples on how to upgrade your thinking and statements to be more clear.


Fluidic Propulsion

Image: Jetopetra

Jetopetra have developed a new fluidic propulsion system for aircraft that uses coander effect to pull air into a thruster using negative pressure, removing the need for propellers and reach speeds of Mach 0.8.


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