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Friday, May 26, 2023

In This Edition:
Superbug antibiotic discovered using AI, detecting chronic pain using brain waves, ChatUML, energy from air, & Maud Gonne interview about disrupting evictions on horseback!

This interesting NPR Shortwave podcast episode talks about researchers in South Africa that have discovered high concentrations of microclots in the blood of patients with Long COVID, which could lead to a biomarker diagnosis method for the condition.

Superbug Antibiotic Discovered Using AI

Image: CDC, Christine Daniloff/MIT


Detecting Chronic Pain Using Brain Waves

Image: Prasad Shirvalkar

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco have developed a method that uses brain waves to identify chronic pain. By surveying patients during chronic pain episodes about their pain, with electrodes attached measuring their brain activity, the researchers created a dataset that could be used to train an AI model to detect the onset of chronic pain from brain wave measurements, and distinguish it from acute pain.


Image ChatUML

ChatUML is an AI tool that allows you to generate a UML diagram from a text prompt. The hours this tool could have saved me in the noughties!


Energy From Air

Image: Derek Lovley/Ella Maru Studio

Engineers at University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed a method to generate electricity from air using two porous nanofilms that create an imbalance of charge between water droplets. Stacking this air-gen device could allow the technology to scale up to the kilowatt level of electricity generation.

Maud Gonne Interview About Disrupting Evictions on Horseback

Image: RTÉ, Maud Gonne

RTÉ digitised their acetate archives and made them available online. Among them is an incredible interview from 1945 with Maud Gonne, in which she describes disruption land war evictions on horseback, and going on the to France, before she was 21!


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