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Friday, March 10, 2023

In This Edition:
Muon imaging detects secret pyramid corridor, MIT test mini city, Kilmainham prison tunnel, GPU performance from commodity CPUs, and Noah Smith interviews Kevin Kelly!

Muon Imaging Detects Secret Pyramid Corridor

Image: Procureur et al., 2023

Two independent teams using different muon imaging techniques have confirmed the presence of a previous undiscovered corridor in the great pyramid in Egypt.



MIT Test Mini City

Image: Mashable, MIT

Researchers at MIT created a mini city to test autonomous driving hardware and software in a real world environment.


Kilmainham Prison Tunnel

Image: Kilmainham Gaol Museum

Clodagh Finn wrote a great article about Margaret Buckley and the secret construction of an escape tunnel out of Kilmainham 100 years ago, the persecution of women during the foundation of the state (& afterwards), and how the methods are different but the result is the same today.

GPU Performance From Commodity CPUs

Image: Unsplash, alerkiv

DeepSparce is a new machine learning service by Neural Magic that can produce GPU level performance using commodity CPUs, and it can be provisioned on AWS.


Noah Smith Interviews Kevin Kelly

Image: Cmichel67

Noah Smith interviewed Kevin Kelly about AI, crypto, the technium and the future, and Kevin's life lessons.

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