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Friday, March 24, 2023

In This Edition:
False Lankum, IPCC AR6 synthesis report, geothermal well battery, an aperiodic monotile, IKEA drones, & exploding USBs!

Lankum released their new album False Lankum today. It is amazing!

IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report

Image: IPCC

The IPCC released its sixth report, a synthesis report of all its previous reports, updated with the latest data on climate change.

It shows that we are currently on track for 3.2°C warming.

It states starkly that "the level of greenhouse gas emission reductions this decade largely determine whether warming can be limited to 1.5°C or 2°C" and "The choices and actions implemented in this decade will have impacts now and for thousands of years".

Urgent climate action is needed by everyone. It has to be us, it has to be now.


Geothermal Well Battery

Image: Alastair Wiper, Fervo Energy

Geothermal energy company Fervo Energy have discovered a way to utilise a geothermal well as a battery. By drilling cracks into geothermal hard rock, pumping lots of water in and sealing the well, the water can later be released at high pressure, allowing energy to be delivered at high output at times when renewables are generating low output.

An Aperiodic Monotile

Image: David Smith et al

Mathematics researchers have discovered an aperodic monotile that can tile the plane without periodic filings, which they've called the hat.


IKEA Drones

Image: Ingka, IKEA

IKEA are using drones with image recognition to perform stock taking at their warehouses at night.


Exploding USB Keys

Image: Policía Ecuador/Twitter

Journalists in Ecuador have been targeted with USB keys that contain explosives, which detonate a 5 volt explosive charge when plugged in.


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