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Friday, January 5, 2024

In This Edition:
EV myths busted, coin tossed proved not 50/50, AI ocean map of untracked vessels, avoiding unnecessary meetings, & You Are What You Eat!

EV Myths Busted

Image: Carbon Brief

In response to the barrage of electric vehicle misinformation in the UK media, Carbon Brief published a fact-checking piece busting 21 of the most wide-spread EV myths.


Coin Toss Proved Not 50/50

PhD candidate František Bartoš organised 47 volunteers to flip coins 350,757 times over 12 hours, to prove that coin tosses contain a 1% bias for the side visible before the coin is flipped.

AI Ocean Map Of Untracked Vessels

Image: The Verge

Google-backed non-profit Global Fishing Watch used AI models & satellite imagery to build a true map of ocean vessels and offshore infrastructure. The results show 30% of global vessels are not publicly tracked, and 75% of industral fishing vessels are not tracked.


Avoiding Unnecessary Meetings

Image: Unsplash, Windows

Séverin Bruhat published the 3As to avoiding unnecessary meetings; Attend, Ask, & Abstain.

You Are What You Eat

Image: Netflix

You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment is an excellent 4 part series that follows 4 sets of twins through a study that measures the health benefits of exercise and a vegan diet versus exercise and a more healthy omnivore diet. The show also includes many fascinating side-stories such as a chicken farmer that switched to growing mushrooms, cheese made from cashew nuts, urban gorilla vegetable gardens, & the best restaurant in the world going vegan.


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