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Friday, November 17, 2023

In This Edition:
Recycling wind turbine blades into composite materials, harnessing heat from underground car parks, building a bluetooth occupancy measuring device, Jeff Bezos head boat, & The Parting Glass Sinéad O'Connor tribute by boygenius & Ye Vagabonds!

Recycling Wind Turbine Blades Into Composite Materials

A Danish company called Continuum has developed a recycling method for used wind turbine blades that converts them using zero carbon emissions into composite materials that can be used as bulding materials.


Harnessing Heat From Underground Car Parks

Scientists in Germany and Switzerland measured the ambient air temperature of underground car parks, and the temperature of the groundwater beneath them, and found that those car parks generate a lot of waste heat, which heats the groundwater and impacts on biodiversity and water quality. Extrapolating their findings, the scientists estimate that all 5040 underground car parks in Berlin could heat 14,660 average German homes by harnessing the waste heat using heat pumps.

Building A Bluetooth Occupancy Measuring Device

Image: Matthew Esposito

Matthew Esposito wrote an interesting post about the journey he took in building a Bluetooth based room occupancy detector using an ESP32 chip.

Jeff Bezos Head Boat

Image: YouTube, Bobby Fingers.

Watch the entirety of this fantastically wonderful video from Limerick artist Bobby Fingers which chronicles his journey in creating a row boat in the form of Jeff Bezo's head. I guarantee you won't see any of the amazing twists coming. Yurt.

The Parting Glass Sinéad O'Connor Tribute by boygenius & Ye Vagabonds

Image: boygenius & Ye Vagabonds

Listen to this beautiful cover of The Parting Glass by boygenius and Ye Vagabonds, released as a tribute to Sinéad O'Connor and raising money for the Aisling Project.

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