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Friday, November 3, 2023

In This Edition:
Net Zero by 2034, radio hacking device that can crash iphones, nanowire AI better than computer AI, The Network State conference, giving a shit as a service, & learn economics!

Radio Hacking Device That Can Crash iPhones

Image: Jeroen van der Ham

The Flipper Zero is a software based radio device that can be used to clone electronic key cards, read RFID chips, and as recently discovered by Dan Goodin of Ars Technica, the device can be used to crash iPhones by bombarding them with Bluetooth connection notifications.


Nanowire AI Better Than Computer AI

Image: Ruomin Zhu, Sam Lilak, Alon Loeffler, Joseph Lizier, Adam Stieg, James Gimzewski & Zdenka Kuncic

Researchers at the University of Sydney demonstrated that an AI network made of nanowires is more efficient than computer based AI because it can learn and adapt in real time.

The Network State Conference

Image: YouTube, The Network State Podcast

Balaji Shrinivasan's The Network State Podcast live-streamed their conference on YouTube. The Network State concept describes society moving away from nation states towards states that coalesce virtually and/or around shared ideals. The conference included talks from organisations that are experimenting with creating their own communities, enclaves, online and real-life cities, and presentations about how technology (usually blockchain) can power these initiatives and also disrupt the operation of the incumbents, aka countries.

Giving a Shit as a Service

Image: Allen Pike

Allen Pike posted a valuable post about, in business, actually giving a shit about the product or service you deliver is a great business strategy.


Learn Economics

Image: Marginal Revolution University

Marginal Revolution University offers a set of free video where you can learn economics!

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