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Friday, March 31, 2023

In This Edition:
Irish Bitcoin farmer, perennial rice, invisible fiber barcodes, drone anti-collision system, & AI tools directory!

Irish Bitcoin Farmer

Image: YouTube, Cointelegraph

A farmer in Armagh is using anaerobic digestion to convert waste from his cattle into methane, which powers electricity generators. He sells the renewably sourced electricity back to the grid when the price is high, and when it's not, he uses it to power a turnkey bitcoin mining container built and maintained by Cork company Scilling Digital Mining.

Podcast of The Week: Shortwave on Engineered Perennial Rice

Image: Unsplash, Darío Méndez

This fascinating Shortwave episode describes how American scientists working with Chinese farmers have successfully engineered a strand of perennial rice and harvested it over mutiple crop years. Rice usually has to be planted from seed each year, which is labour intensive and harmful to the health of farm land. This perennial rice regrows each year without having to replanted, while also rejuvenating the land.


Invisible Fiber Barcodes

Image: Glen Cooper

Researchers at MIT and the University of Michigan have developed fibers with engineered reflectivity that can be woven into fabrics, and scanned under infrared light that act as barcodes to help with sorting and recycling.


Drone Anti-Collision System

Image: YouTube, AerospaceControlsLab

Researchers at MIT demonstrated a multiagent trajectory planner anti-collision system for drones. Each drone calculates and broadcasts its trajectory, which the other drones using to generate their own paths. The updated version of the system accounts for communication delays between the drones also.


AI Tools Directory

Image: Supertools

Supertools is a handy directory of AI tools (built from the great Rundown Newsletter) that tracks the releases of tools during the current Cambrian explosion of LLM based solutions.


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