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Friday, January 6, 2023

In This Edition:
Breaking down forever chemicals, SaaS growth metrics, form validation library, Portable Secret, & Stephen Wolfram with Tim Ferriss!

Breaking Down Forever Chemicals

Image: UC Riverside / Liu Lab

Researchers at University of California developed a new technique to break down 95% of PFAS "forever chemicals" in water using UV light and hydrogen gas.


SaaS Growth Metrics

Image: a16z

Andreessen Horowtiz (a16z) published a handy calculator tool that explains a range of SaaS growth metrics depending on the type, size, and sales type of a SaaS company.


Form Validation Library

Image: Octavalidate

Octavalidate is a handy JS library that allows you to add validation rules to your HTML forms with relative ease.


Portable Secret

Image: mprimi, GitHub

Portable Secret is an encryption tool that uses the browser's inbuilt Web Cryptography APIs, allowing payloads to be encrypted and stored on any device without the need for dedicated encryption software.


Podcast Of The Week: Stephen Wolfram with Tim Ferriss

Image: Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss recently interviewed Stephen Wolfram on his podcast. I listened to the interview on the Christmas trip back to Ireland and found it fascinating. Stephen describes the work he and his company are doing in creating a new general model for Quantum Physics, which includes his new Ruliad computational space.


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