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Sunday, December 4, 2022

In This Edition:
Quantum wormhole, why are we still flying?, true story, Lyra full text javascript search engine, & Metallica + The New Yorker

Quantum Wormhole

Image: Merrill Sherman/Quanta Magazine

Physicists from the California Institute of Technology partnered with Google Quantum have successfully created a mathematically equivalent holographic quantum wormhole that can teleport a qubit through the wormhole.


Podcast Of The Week: Hot Mess - Why Are We Still Flying?

Image: Spotify, RTÉ

Continuing his excellent Hot Mess Climate podcast, Philip Boucher Hayes describes how new evidence of the non-co2 emissions caused by aircraft contrails, which are currently not included in aviation emissions calculations, are twice to three times worse than previously known.

True Story

Image: Information Is Beautiful

Check how true each major scene in a movie is using this great Information Is Beautiful interactive datavis.

Lyra Javascript Search Engine

Image: Lyra


Metallica + The New Yorker

Image: The New Yorker, Ian Allen

Amanda Petrusich wrote a fantastic profile interview on Metallica in the New Yorker.


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