Podcast of the Week: NPR Shortwave on Vegetables Not Being Real!

Vegetables aren't real! At least in a botanic sense. In this informative and mind blowing NPR Shortwave episode, I learned that vegetables are just a culinary designation and not a scientific classification. Brocolli, cauliflower, kale - all the same plant. Listen on later in the episode where we are told that strawberries aren't even berries!

Podcast of the Week: Where Is My Mind? - Niall Breslin & Dr. Mike Ryan

On an excellent recent episode of his Where Is My Mind? podcast, Niall Breslin interview Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO's Health Emergency Programme. They cover a range of topics connected to mental health such as the lack of preventative health provision and the pressure of modern society not meeting the needs of people.

Podcast of the Week: Armchair Expert - Bill Gates Book Talk

In a recent episode of The Armchair Expert podcast, Dax & Monica interview Bill Gates about his new book How To Avoid A Climate Disaster. The interview is a frank and informative discussion about the scale of what is needed to tackle the climate crisis, with a fair bit of high level detail from Bill Gates about the different areas that need to be progressed, whcih are described in detail in his book.


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