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Friday, June 29, 2018

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Music, Blockchain, scaling blockchain, tuning ML models, growth handbook, introduction to AR, DIY aircraft tug, vortex ring collisions, Aquilla and thermal camouflage!

Analog On, Andrew Leslie Hooker - NAWR ANOIS #5

For the latest NAWR ANOIS concert, we welcomed Analog On and Andrew Leslie Hooker to Swansea for some modular synths and no input mixing magic sounds.
Check out the photos of the concert here.


Swansea Laptop Orchestra in Worcester

This week, The Swansea Laptop Orchestra played at the Clik Clik Collective takeover of the Weorgoran Pavillion in Worcester.
Check out the photos from the gig here.

Blockchain Explainer

Image: Reuters Graphics

Reuters graphics have put together a really nice site describing the basics of blockchain including lots of animations describing the steps involved in adding records to blocks.

Model Tuning and Bias-Variance Tradeoff

Image: R2D3

R2D3 have created a fantastic data visualisation describing how data models can be tuned to avoid over-emphases on biases of variances during the training phases.


The Intercom Growth Handbook

Image: Intercom

Intercom have released a new book called The Growth Handbook, aimed at delivering industry tested advice on how to manage customer retention, growth experiments and driving word of mouth growth.


Introduction to AR & ARCore


Google have launched a new Introduction to AR & ARCore course on Coursera. The course covers AR tools and platforms, popular use cases for AR and how to create realistic AR experiences.


Homemade Aircraft Tug

Image: Anthony DiPilato

Anthony DiPilato made a homemade iPhone remote controller electric tug for his Cessna 310. The tug can pull the 2,268kg Cessna using two 13 inch motors and two 12V power chair batteries.


Blockchain Scaling Options

Image: Hackernoon, Preethi Kasireddy

This interesting article on Hackernoon from Preethi Kasireddy describes the current limitations on scaling blockchain and describes many different solutions and methods that could be used to allow scaling, such as SegWit, Sharding, increasing block size and off chain state channels, among others.


Funny Thing Of The Week: Chair.exe


Cool Thing Of The Week: Vortex Ring Collision

Image: Youtube, SmarterEveryDay

Check out his amazing video from SmarterEveryDay of two vortex rings colliding perfectly to produce cascading concentric circles.

Facebook Cancels Aquilla

Image: Facebook

In 2014, Facebook launched a high altitiude platform station (HAPS) project called Aquilla, aimed at developing a high altitute glider drone that can transmit internet to remote areas.
In a recent blog post, Facebook confirms that they are no longer developing Aquilla but will contine to work with partners like Airbus on HAPS connectivity in general.


Thermal Camouflage

Image: American Chemical Society

Researchers at the University of Manchester have created a 3 layer material that can camoflauge thermal heat when an electric current is applied to it. It sounds much better than Arnie's mud version!


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