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Friday, September 21, 2018

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Munster A, Swanlork, car hacking, The Copenhagen Catalog, silent words device, Cloudflare IPFS Gateway, wireless drone charging, AR find in text & LEGO Helm's Deep!

I took this photo during a recent flight to Scotland. I spent a weekend in Glasgow and was blown away with how much the city centre has changed since I was last there 12 years ago. There is so much culture there from museums, art, music and such lovely people. The architecture of some of the city, along with the one way traffic system, reminds me of walking around parts of New York City or Chicago. I stayed in the Clayton George hotel which is a really nice, comfortable and centrally located hotel. As a tourist destination, Glasgow seems overshadowed somewhat by the beautiful Edinburgh, but I would highly recommend a short break there if the opportunity presents itself :-)

Ospreys Development Vs Munster A

This week Munster A came to Swansea to play against the Ospreys Development team in the Celtic Cup. Captained by Bill Johnson (above), the strong Munster A side won easily scoring 52 points to Osprey's 7. Check out my pitchside photos of the match here.

Swansea Laptop Orchestra CoDI Workshop

 This week The Swansea Laptop Orchestra held their first workshop wth the selected composers for the Tŷ Cerdd CoDI electronic pathway project, and I was on hand to take some photos of all the lovely people. Check out the photos of the fun day we had here.

How To Hack A Car

Image: Medium, Kenny Kuchera

Using Linux and a CAN-to-USB device, anyone can hack a car's instrument display. Check out this medium post for some instructions on how to go about it.
(H/T to John Dennehy for posting this on Twitter)

The Copenhagen Catalog

Image: copenhagencatalog.org

The Copenhagen Catalogue is a collection of 150 principles that define a new direction for the tech industry. The principles were crowd-sourced by 150 people during the Techfestival in Copenhagen and address topics such as human rights, environment responsibility and open data. (H/T to Mikael for sharing this).

Silent Words Device

Image: Kapur et al

Researchers at MIT have developed an intelligence augmentation device that is capable of detecting and transmitting verbalised words that are not spoken. The device measures neuro-muscular signals in the jaw and face that are triggered when words are internally verbalised inside the users head but not spoke out loud.



Cloudflare IPFS Gateway

Image: Cloudflare

Cloudflare have realeased thie IPFS Gateway product as part of Crypto-week. The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a peer to peer web hosting and deliver system aimed at reducing the dependncy on the current server based architecture of the web. Pages on IPFS are accessed using a hash of their content as an address, and those pages are stored on a peer-to-peer system around the IPFS network. The Cloudflare IFPS Gateway provides access to the IPFS through a browser but also allows IPFS sites to be hosted/delived via traditional domain names.


Wireless Drone Charging

Image: New Atlas, GET

A company called Global Energy Transmission (GET) have developed and indictive charging solution to allow drones to charge wirelessly, while in flight. The system can transmit up to 12kW of power at approx. 80% efficiency.


AR Find In Text

Image: YouTube, Akash Idnani

A new app called Find It in the Play Store allows you to search for text while point your phone at a body of text. The app uses Google's OCR library to read text from the camera and search it in real time.

Cool Thing Of The Week: LEGO Helm's Deep

Image: goelkim2011

Flickr user goelkim2011 created a LEGO replica of the Helm's Deep battle scene from Lord Of The Rings using 150,000 brings and 1700 mini-figures!


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