Fiery Sunset

Image: Fiery Sunset, this photo is available to licence on EyeEm.


Friday, September 28, 2018

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NAWR, Munster, Firefox Reality, The Moon, quantum entropy, asteroid landing robots, music for memories, Sublime Merge, Media Moments & Cloudflare domains!

Following the storms and inclement weather last week, late September has delivered a few lovely sunsets, like the one above which I snapped this week.

NAWR #29 - Mike Cooper & Bell Lungs

This week NAWR hosted our first concert with The Swansea International Festival 2018 which saw Mike Cooper and Bell Lungs perform. You can check out more photos from the concert here.


Cardiff V Munster

Last weekend I was pitchside in the Cardiff Arms Park taking photos for the MRSC for the Cardiff V Munster PRO14 match. Munster lost 37-13 but there were two fantastic tries by Andrew Conway, one pictured above. You can see the rest of my phots from the match here.

Firefox Reality

Image: Mozilla

Mozilla have launched Firefox Reality, a web browser for VR. Users can use voice activation to search using the in experience browser window and can also jump into 3D content using the browser.


iPhone Moon

Image: Tom White

Photographer Tim White spent a year photographing the moon using a telescope and an iPhone 7. Check out the photos on his website.

Quantum Entropy Arrow Of Time Reversal

Image: Quanta Magazine

Brazilian scientists have performed a quantum experiment that appears to be reverse the thermodynamic arrow of time. The experiment starts with two quantum correlated particles with a high degree of entropy (quantum superposition). As the experiment continues, the particles gradually unlink, thus decreasing the invidual entropy of each particle (without superposition), which woudl go against the second law of thermodynamics if the quantum correlation was not taken into account.


Asteroid Explorers

Image: JAXA

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency have landed 2 biscuit tin sized MINERVA-II1 rovers on the Ryugu asteroid as have started sending back images as part of the Hayabusa 2 project. The rovers robots jump around the asteroid with in air times up to fifiteen minutes due to the low gravity of the asteroid.


Music For Memories

Image: BBC Music Memories

The BBC in partnership with the charity Playlist For Life have launched a music website that aims to help people with dementia reconnect with their most powerful memories.

Sublime Merge

Image: Sublime Merge

The makers of Sublime Text have released a free visual GIT tool called Sublime Merge. This is a beautiful piece of software and extremely useful at visualising complex GIT repositories.


Podcasts Of The Week: Media Moments

Image: Media Moments

Dublin based PR & Storytelling agency All Good Tales have launched an interesting podcast called Media Moments, which tells the story of key moments of media history. The podcast is 2 episodes in and the second episode covers a Irish historical recap of P. Flynn's fall from grace at the hands of Tom Gilmartin, initiated by the infamous interview with Gay Byrne on The Late Late Show.

Cloudflare Domains

Image: Cloudflare

Cloudflare have announced their domain registrar service, along with a promise to never charge users any more than the wholesale TLD charges!


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