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Friday, November 23, 2018

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Photography, Ionic Flight, spatial web, overcoming failure, 1961 Cork, AI fingerprints, Winamp, AI fulfilment & a magic helicopter!

Photography Portfolio & Prints

This week I built a small photography portfolio website, showcasing some of my concert, events and sports photography. If you are looking for a photographer for your event or business in South Wales or Ireland, let me know. I also have prints available to purchase onilne, powered by PicFair.

First Ionic Flight

Image: MIT

Inspired by the shuttlecraft of Star Trek, researchers at MIT have successful performed the first ionic flight of a solid state fixed wing aircraft using electroaerodynamic thrust! layers of wires underneath the wings create a 20,000 Volt differential between the front and the rear wires, with cause charged electrons to travel through the air from the positive wires to the negative wires. The charged particles push air particles over the wing as they travel, creating a small amount of lift. The team created a prototype heavier than air plane that successfully used ionic flight to travel approx. 60 meters indoors.



Spatial Web & Web 3.0

Image: Singularity Hub

This is an interesting article by Singularity Hub on the possibilities for the next generation of the web, what they term the spatial web and web 3.0. The article describes how 5G, AI and the IoT landscape could allow realtime generation of AR and VR scenes sources from multiple public cameras in realtime, allowing the user to embed in a street protest, sporting or news event. Other technology possibilities discussed are always-available AR virtual sales people and ads, yay! :-p


Overcoming Failure

Image: Medium, Taylor Pearson

Taylor Pearson has a great post on overcoming failure, which he terms the Bucky Method after Buckminster Fuller. I won't spoil the article for you, it's worth reading to see how Taylor does a fine job of combining theories and thoughts from multiple sources into a structured methodology of advice and a practical framework to repeatedly work on projects while building constructive failure into the mix.

1961 Cork

Image: Twitter, BBC Archive

The BBC Archive Twitter account posted a fascinating video of writer Frank Connor talking about his native Cork in 1961. While his nostalgic meanderings about Cork are somewhat interesting, the real gem here is the footage of inner city Cork from 1961 and its inhabitants going about their daily lives.

AI Master Fingerprints

Image: Motherboard

Researchers at New York University and University of Michigan used a AI generative adversarial network (GAN) to generate a set of master fingerprints that can fool low security fingerprint scanners 76% of the time. At more realistic security levels, the master fingerprints can are falsly matched by sensors 22% of the time.



Image: Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has revived Winamp, for the craic! You can use Webamp here and even play the Llama jingle!

Otto AI Fulfilment

Image: Otto

German ecommerce website Otto uses an AI algorithm to forcast the stock it needs to purchase. The algorithm, originally developed for particle-physics experiments at CERN, predicts with 90% accuracy the products that will be sold within the next 30 days across 200,000 products.


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