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Friday, March 22, 2019

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New Music From Ireland, NAWR #33, iPhone prototype, Ireland V Wales 1949, generative music & art, retail AI, workout consistency & artistic debt abolishment!

This cloud sliver arrives in time for a sliver of Brexit hope, March 27 becomes May 22, or is it April 12? :-p

New Music From Ireland - St. Patrick's Day Concert

On St.Patrick's Day I attended The New Music From Ireland concert in Chaprter Arts Centre in Cardiff which featured Emma Coulthard, Jenn Kirby and Benjamin Dwyer. You can check out the photos from the concert here.

NAWR #33 - Of Line & Structure:LIVE - Angharad Jenkins, Jenn Kirby, Rhodri Davies

Last week NAWR visited the Elysium Gallery in Swansea for a concert by Angharad Jenkins, Rhodri Davies & Jenn Kirby. The three performed responses to the current Hazel Cardew art exhibition on display in the gallery. You can check out more photos from the concert here.


Original iPhone Prototype Board

Image: The Verge

The Verge got an exclusive look at the original iPhone prototype development board, codenamed M68. The board from 2006/2007 contains all the hardware components, and some testing interfaces, of the iPhone spread out on a development board.


Ireland V Wales in Swansea in 1949

Image: RTÉ

RTÉ archives highlighted some footage this week from 1949 showing the Irish rugby team beat Wales and win the Triple Crown in St. Helen's in Swansea in 1949. The footage, shot by Norman Hodgson, starts with the Aer Lingus flight from Collinstown Airport in Dublin to LLandow airport and captures supporters arriving into Swansea by train and the crowds around St. Helens before the match. Given that I live in Swansea, it was a treat to see how much has changed in 70 years, but also how many of the landmarks are exactly the same today. The match itself looks crazy, the lineout throws in particular are more like a GAA throw in than a modern lineout. Sadly the result wasn't repeated last weekend :-(



Generative Music

Image: is an ambient music player created by Alex Bainter that generates endless music systematically, handy to play in the background while working.


Generative Art

Image: Tinkersynth

Slopes is a generative art tool by Tinkersynth that allows the user to generate art and purchase it.


AI in Retail

Image: Vogue Business

Vogue Business has an interesting article about how traditional retailers are using AI to increase sales. Some are using AI to recommend custom store displays based on the profile and buying habits of their regular customers. Others are using AI to select first time customers to invite to special offer events in order to convert them to repeat customers. Results show that customers selected by the algorithm were twice as likely to make a follow up purchase than customers selected by the sales associates using experience alone.



Workout & Healthy Habits Consistency Research

Image: Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition studied 1000 clients over 12 months and found that being at least 50% consistent with workouts and healthy eating habits results in measurable differences.

£1.2m Artistic Debt Abolishment

Image:, Linden Nieto & Dan Edelstyn

Artist Hilary Powell and filmmaker Dan Edelstyn setup their own bank called Hoe Street Central Bank in Walthamstow when the local Co-op bank shut down. They obtained a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority and printed their own money with local heroes on the notes like the founders of the local foodbank, homeless kitchen and the headmistress of the local school. They raised £20,000 from selling the bank notes as artwork and using their financial licence, bought £1.2m of local distressed debt at a fraction of its value. They officially abolished the local debt, which will help organisations such as the local hospital and school, and they plan to symbolically explode the debt as an art installation on April 28. What an inspiring story! Legends.


See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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