Sunset over the Irish Sea

Image: Sunset over the Irish Sea, this photo is available to licence on EyeEm.


Friday, July 12, 2019

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Leather ASMR, Society6, UserInyerface, Easy Pie Chart Maker, IoT mesh bridge, LightSail, The Solar System as Gaeilge and Basecamp's ShapeUp!

This week I came across Little King Goods on YouTube (via Peter McKinnon). Little King Goods hand make leather products and also make videos of the process. Some of these videos are ASMR, which only include the sound of the process, no background music etc. They are incredibly satisfying to watch, almost meditative, such as this one showing him making a leather money clip.

My Society 6 Store

Image: Society6

I've launched some of my photography on products such as iPhone cases, cushions, notebooks and coasters, among other things, using Society6. Check out my Society6 store here.


User Inyerface


User Inyerface is a showcase of how to build the worst UI and UX implementation ever, built by Belgian IoT agency Bagaar. I challenge you to try to navigate the site :-)


Easy Pie Chart Maker

Image: Beautiful Dingbats

Easy Pie Chart Maker by Beautiful Dingbats does what is says on the tin :-).

IoT Mesh Bridge Networking


IBM have an interesting tutorial on how to setup a mesh network using Raspberry Pis, which will allow IoT sensors to connect to the mesh network but also allow other devices to connect to the internet using the mesh network as a bridge.


LightSail Unfolded In Space

Image: The Verge


The Solar System As Gaeilge

Image: Ciaran Duffy

In a great tweet thread this week, artists Ciaran Duffy released a set of illustrated the solar system and planets in Irish. You can buy the range of beautiful prints here.

Basecamp's Shape Up


Basecamp have released an online book called Shape Up about how Basecamp development gets done. The book describes how the company works on six week cycles, how they use budgets instead of estimates and how they tackle the backlog.


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