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Friday, August 9, 2019

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#MondayMerchMonthly, 50MB web browsing, codebases, No Ageism In Tech, making money on Mechanical Turk, startup idea checklist and Colm O'Gorman on The Blindboy Podcast!

I came across a this tweet by George Monbiot about some new terms to use when describing the climate breakdown (list below). This struck a cord with me and reminded me of the scene in Vice where the Republican PR contractor started testing the softer "Climate Change" term instead of "Global Warming" with a focus group. Also, last week Greenland lost 12.5 Gt of ice in a single day. Act Now.

#MondayMerchMonthly: Cloud & Contrail

This week I start a new #MondayMerchMonthly campaign. The first Monday of each month, I plan to launch a new photography product on my Society 6 store. This month's item is Cloud & Contrail, a photo of a plane flying into a cloud, which ends up looking like the cloud is firing its phasers, to the Star Trek minded among us anyway :-) The image is available to buy as a print, on a pillow, a laptop sleeve, a tote bag or a range of other products.


Web Browsing On 50MB

Image: Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine has an interesting article about web browsing on a 50MB budget. The author demonstrates the issues of browsing resource heavy websites while being limited on bandwidth and network speed. The key takeaway is that a user will abondon a mobile site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, and the post lists 14 tips on how to improve your site's performance to avoid this.



Information Is Beautiful released a fascinating data-visualisation comparing the size of different codebases, such as the 40,000 lines of code in the space shuttle vs the 40,000,000 lines of code in Windows XP! Check out the full list here.

No Ageism In Tech

Image: No Ageism In Tech

No Ageism In Tech is a jobs board that highlights open positions that value the experience of older employees and have Equal Opportunity Employments policies in place.

Making Money On Mechanical Turk


The Hustle have an informative long article about how Mike Nabb, a full time senior business analyst, turnde to Amazon Mechanical Turk to earn extra money before the birth of his baby daughter. The post describes Mike's experience in getting start with Mechanical Turk, the pitfalls to avoid, and how he made on average $33 per day for 30 days.


Startup Idea Checklist


The Startup Idea Checklist is a very useful evaluation and discovery process to use for your next startup or business idea.


Podcast Of The Week: The Blindboy Podcast Live with Colm O'Gorman

Image: Acast

I'm catching up with episodes of The Blindboy Podcast and this week I listened to Blindboy's thought and emotion provoking interview with Colm O'Gorman, the executive director of Amnesty International Ireland and founder of One in Four, a support organisation for survivors of sexual violence and abuse. The interview is wide-ranging, from Colm's work and personal life to how Ireland is currently a beacon of light for supporting human rights in a lot of areas of policy and public opinion.

While the subject matter is sometimes harrowing, the stories told by Colm, such as about his own abuse by the Catholic Church, and how it impacted his realtionship with his father are riveting. He talks about how he sued the Pope and won (kind of) and how his work now with Amnesty International Ireland is lobbying decision makers to ensure Ireland's governmental policies are human rights compliant. The most inspiring part of the interview for me (apart from the whole lot) is when he talks about how Ireland recently has been the embodiment of Hozier's lyrics "It's Not The Waking, It's The Rising". Colm urges all of us to not engage with the hate, but to use our love and go out and fucking do something. Maith An Fear.

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