Newcastle Skyline

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Friday, August 23, 2019

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Newcastle, The Night With, warmer cities, 3D mapping with smartphones, Trivago ML image labelling, European Digital Economy and Society 2019, David McWilliams on a united Ireland and NULL licence plate backfire!

This week I was in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and visited a few tourist must-dos. I started with The Great Northern Museum: Hancock which packs a lot in for a small-ish museum. They have a great exhibition on Hadrian's wall, with personas of people from the time telling you about the wall. The have a great collection of ancient artifacts like a Corinthian helmet and an Egyptian mummy, and even a replica T-Rex skeleton.

The piece de resistance is the massive Dippy The Diplodocus skeleton in a large exhibition room with a fantastic projection exhibition that teaches kids about climate change. The museum is a great way to spend a couple of hours.

I also went full tourist and joined the free tour of the Newcastle Castle, which was excellent. Bill the tour guide took us around the outskirts of the castle and told us about the history of the castle and its many uses through the ages. In 1080 Robert Curthose (shortpants), son of William The Conqueror, built a wooden castle on the site and sent word back to his father that he had built a "New Castle Upon The Tyne", and hence the name of the city. The castle itself has been used for all sorts of things like a prison and beer cellar among other things.

In 1975 the exterior was repaired in the style of what it would have looked like, which is an amazing mindset shift. Thinking of castles as amazing straight-lined stone buildings was a big whoaa moment for me! :-) After the tour, you pay to enter the castle and see some of what was talked about on the tour, plus you get to go on the roof and see amazing views over the city and the river, like the photo above.


The Night With - Duo Van Vliet

This week I attended The Night With's first Glasgow concert of the current season with the fantastic Duo Van Vliet performing at The Hug And Pint. Check out some photos of the night here. Also, the vegan food in the Hug and Pint is amazing!

City Warming


BBC News published an interesting interactive data visualisation showing the best case, medium-low, medium-high and worst case projected temperature increase scenarios for cities by 2100.


3D Slam Mapping With Smartphones

Image: YouTube, 6D.AI

Augmented Reality startup 6D.AI have demonstrated the creation of a 3D scale map of an environment using regular smartphones. The demo shows the mapping of a 5000 square foot space taking 3 minutes with 4 smartphones (without depth sensors) scanning the area to create the SLAM AR map.


Trivago ML Image Labelling


Trivago deployed machine learning to present images of hotel spas when a user searched hotels with spas to improve user experience. This blog post describes how they tweaked pre-trained convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to label 100+ million hotel images in order to display spa realted images during contextual searches.


Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2019

Image: European Commission

The European Commission has released the results of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2019 for all EU countries. The results track each country against the EU index across Connectivity, Human Capital, Use of Internet Services, Integration of Digital Technology, and Digital Public Access.

Podcasts Of The Week: The David McWilliams Podcast - Exploring the ramifications of a united Ireland


This week I caught up with some episodes of The David McWilliams Podcast. I like the format of the episodes where his friend asks the (sometimes leading) questions which makes the content more of a conversation down the pub rather than a sermon in the church of behavioural economics. The stat man Finn also sounds a bit like The Viper, so I picture The Viper in a smoke filled room speaking in hushed tones over a laptop with Excel in full screen mode :-p.

One particular episode I found interesting and very topical at the moment is the Exploring the ramifications of a united Ireland episode where the team discuss the political, economical and societal complexities of what a united Ireland might look like in a post no-deal Brexit world. An bhfuil an lá ag teacht?

NULL Licence Plate

Image: Jack Morse, Mashable

Information security researcher Droogie registered the licence plate NULL thinking the plate would allow his car to be invisible to the system. Instead, he got assigned $12,000 worth of traffic tickets that had been NULL data for the licence plate field!


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