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Friday, September 20, 2019

In This Edition:
Radiative Sky Cooling, 3D Ken Burns Effect From Single Image, Can I Email, a one person internet company, hacked charging cables, 5 million plastic hangers a week, and Protect, Restore, Fund!

Radiative Sky Cooling

Image: Aaswath P. Raman, Wei Li, Shanhui Fan

Researchers at UCLA have produced a prototype energy unit that takes advantage of radiative sky cooling to generate electricity at night. As heat is radiated from objects facing the sky at night, a thermoelectric generator can be used to generate electricity from the temperature difference, in this case 25 milliwatts per square metre using equipment costing $30.

3D Ken Burns Effect From Single Image


Researchers at Portland State University and Adobe have demonstrated being able to generate a 3D Ken Burns effect (parallax) using a single image. The system uses neural networks to generate depth predictions and object boundaries, and context aware in-painting to generate the missing pieces of the video to simluate a moving point of focus. We can tick another Star Trek TNG sci-fi concept off the list. In the episode Identity Crisis episode, Geordi uses the holodeck to recreate missing perspectives of a scene.


Can I Email

Image: caniemail.com

Can I Email is a handy reference tool that shows the support of different HMTL and CSS across email clients on different platforms, similar to Can I Use for browser compatability.


A One Person Internet Company

Image: Listen Notes

Wenbin Fang published an interesting behind the scenes post on the tools and processes he uses to run one person internet company Listen Notes. Listen Notes is a podcast search engine and playlist maker which runs on AWS and uses a host of SaaS products and web tools to stay alive.


Hacked Charging Cables

Image: Will Porada

So hackers are now planting malware in charging cables and charging ports according to IBM Security!


5 Million Plastic Hangers A Week

Image: YouTube, Dan Mace

This is a shocking video from Dan Mace. Old Navy in America throw away an estimated 5 million plastic hangers each week. They don't reuse the hangers after someone buys the clothes. That's 6350 tonnes of plastic hangers in landfills each year.

Protect, Restore, Fund

Image: The Guardian

Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot have released a short video urging us to Protect, Restore and Fund nature, one of the best tools to use against the climate crisis. They also ask us to "Vote for people who defend nature". The video was produced while having t"he tiniest environmental impact possible" according to the director.


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