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Friday, September 27, 2019

In This Edition:
100,000 fake faces, top 10 CSS mistakes, costly UI mask, .Net videos, acoustic quantum processing & how a drunkard was cured!

100,000 AI Generated Faces


A project called has released a repository of 100,000 fake faces generated using the StyleGAN generated adversarial neural network. The photos are free for non-commercial use.

Top 10 CSS Mistakes

Image: have a handy list of the top 10 CSS mistakes than anyone can make, along with example code of how to fix them.


Costly UI Mask


Jason Grigsby on Cloudfour posted an interesting article about how an misconfigured UI mask which caused the browser autofill of credit card details to fail on the Chipotle payment form, possibly costing them $4.4M in lost sales.


Learning .Net Videos


Microsoft have released a set of videos for learning about the .Net platform, including videos about C#, Visual Studio, ML.Net, Containers and Xamarin.


Acoustic Quantum Processing

Image: M. Arif Hasan, Lazaro Calderin, Trevor Lata, Pierre Lucas, Keith Runge & Pierre A. Deymier

Researchers at the University of Arizona have demonstrated how quantum processing can be achieved using acoustic waves sent through aluminium rods produce classical nonseparability. This method is much more stable and less time reliant compared to the quantum processing of qubits.


How A Drunkard Was Cured

Image: is a project that digitises the National Folklore Collection of Ireland. While browsing the site for my home town of Glounthaune in Cork, I came across some fantastic stories and tales from 1938 captured in the Schools collection. One particular story was about a drunk man who used to return home from the pub on his donkey and cart once a week. On one particular occassion, the man fell asleep mid-trip and the donkey brought him back to his house. Some local boys found him and decided to play a prank on the man.

They untied the donkey and took the wheels off the cart without waking the man. They brought the donkey, wheels, cart and man into his house and reassembled everything. They locked the door and left through the window. Hours later when the man awoke, he could not figure out how he got into the house with his donkey and cart. He concluded that it was the work of evil spirits and never drank again! I encourage you to search the site for other stories, riddles and myths passed onto us from the school children of Ireland almost 100 years ago. 


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