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Friday, November 29, 2019

In This Edition:
The Personals, trending tech skills, common SQL mistakes, cognitive bias UX cards, Rod Stewart's model railway and hot gael summer!

This week Brian O'Connell, author of The Personals, was very kind to give his time to submit an interview to Smart Thinking Books! The Ennis man answered some questions about his favourite books. Please make sure to check out The Personals this Christmas :-)

Trending Tech Skills 2014-2019


Hiring Lab published a post about the top trending tech skills from 2014 to 2019 based on job advertisements on Python is on the rise but Java remains kind of the hill.


12 Common SQL Mistakes

Image: Haki Benita

Haki Benita has a great post describing 12 common mistakes and missed opportunities when using SQL, such as being careful when diving integers and avoiding transformations on indexed fields.


52 Cognitive Bias UX Cards

Image: Stephanie Walter

UX designers Stephanie Walter and Laurence Vagner created 52 cognitive bias cards for use in UX workshops. Categories covered in the cards include decision making, user testing and team work.

Rod Stewart's Model Railway City

Image: Steve Crise/Railway Modeller

For the last 23 years, Rod Stewart has been building a massive super detailed scale railway model of a US city!


Podcast of the Week: Motherfoclóir #96 - Hot Gael Summer

Image: Motherfoclóir,

There are many disparaging misconceptions about the apparent difficulty and usefullness of the Irish language. Many of these are covered in detail in Gaeilge: A Radical Revolution - Caoimhín De Barra. For a more entertaining, and many times hilarious, look at the regurgitation of these tropes in the papers each year, tune in to episode 96 of the fantastic Motherfoclóir podcast!

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