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Friday, December 6, 2019

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Lankum, Anseo, UX books, AWS Deep Composer, city air pollution, security cameras, Lego Braille & Unreal Mandalorian

This week I bought Lankum's new album The Liveling Day. I had an almost spiritual experience listening to the first track The Wild Rover.

Úna-Minh Kavanagh On Smart Thinking Books


This week's interview over on Smart Thinking Books is with Úna-Minh Kavanagh, author of Anseo. Úna-Minh was very kind to tell me about her favourite smart thinking books. Her beautiful new book Anseo is available now.

UX Books

Image: Airtable, Chris Oliver

Interaction designer Chris Oilver has compiled a monster list of UX Books using Airtable. The list includes categories, ratings and links to buy each book.

AWS DeepComposer

Image: Amazon

Amazon have announced AWS DeepComposer, a keyboard which connects to the AWS DeepComposer service and allows the user to generate an original musical composition using trained generative adversarial networks (GANs).


City Air Pollution

Image: The New York Times

The New York Times released an interactive page showing the amount of air pollution in the world's major cities. The page also allows you to compare your city with some of the cities with the highest air pollution.

Turn Your Device Into A Security Camera

Image: Viyo

Viyo is a service that allows you to turn any device with a camera and a browser into a security camera. The free tier supports one device and unlimited usage.


Lego Braille Bricks

Image:, Lego

Lego are launching a set of Braille bricks to help children to learn Braille, in response to the rise of computer apps and audiobooks resulting in less blind children learning Braille.


Unreal Mandalorian

Image: YouTube, Unreal Engine

The new Star Wars spin-off show The Mandalorian uses the Unreal game engine to dynamically generate responsive backgrounds onto a LED wall behind the actors. The engine can dynamically change the perspective of the scene based on the position of the camera to create a parallax effect in real time.


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