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Friday, December 13, 2019

In This Edition:
Bell Lungs, Marc Mc Menamin, ObjectNet, new unicode, #CodeTidbits30, Cornell Note Taking & Hector on Motherfoclóir!

20th Century: "You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose."
21st Century: You campaign in lies. You govern in whatever way is best for you & your rich friends.

Bell Lungs & Painted X-Ray

This week I saw Bell Lungs and Painted X-Ray perform in The Rum Shack in Glasgow. Check out my photos of the gig here.

Marc Mc Menamin on Smart Thinking Books

Marc Mc Menamin, author of the fantastic Irish History book Codebreaker, answered some questions for me about books over on smartthinkingbooks.com. Check out his recommendations and his great book!


Image: MIT

Researchers and MIT and IBM have created a new image dataset to use in the training of computer vision models. The new dataset, called ObjectNet, includes images of obscure objects at obscure angles among cluttered environments. The purpose of the new dataset is to help train algorithms on more real-world style scenarios.


4 And A Half New Unicode Symbols

Image: nicodepowersymbols.com

A comment on HackerNews eventually led to four and a half new unicode symbols being added to represent the commonly understood power symbols. Four symbols are brand new, and one is repurposed (hence the half).


Image: Samantha Ming

Samantha Ming is running a Twitter campaign during December, in which she shares tidbits of code every day using the hashtag #CodeTidbits30.

The Cornell Note Taking System

Image: Cornell University

For those that prefer paper note taking, Cornell University has their own system of note taking, summarising and learning for the exam which seems quote efficient. However new research points to no major difference between paper and laptop note taking.

Podcasts Of The Week: Motherfoclóir 106 - Hector

Image: Motherfoclóir, Kirsten Shiel

Motherfoclóir, the excellent podcast about words, Irish, Irish words and words from Ireland knocked it out to the park recently with an interview with Hector Ó hEochagáin, the TG4 and Irish media TV host. Episode 106 is hilarious and includes stories about how Hector got into showbiz, some noteable scenes from his travel TV show over the last twenty years, and what he found in the U.S. during his latest show Hector USA - Ó Chósta go Cósta.

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