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Friday, December 20, 2019

In This Edition:
The Stochastic Method, occupation growth & decline, Happy Hues, illusion of the year, spec writing and The NYTimes on location tracking!

The Stochastic Method

Image: Dr. Jenn Kirby

This week I attended The Stochastic Method, an experimental music and performance concert in the CCA Glasgow featuring Iain Ross, Paul Michael Henry, Leslie Deere, Jenn Kirby and Graham Dunning. I also had the pleasure to design the poster for the event. Check out my photos from the gig here.



Occupation Growth & Decline

Image: Flowing Data

Flowing Data compiled American occupation data from 1970 to 2017 and have produced a lovely graph of occupation growth and decline.


Happy Hues


Happy Hues is a lovely website that lets you see and change different colour palettes in the context of a page of content.


Illusion of the Year 2019

Image: YouTube, The Illusion Contest

Spec Writing


Working in software, I sometimes run into problems convincing project stakeholders about the purpose and limitations of project specs. This blog post from Seth Godin about defining the problem first and aiming to solve it, rather than aiming to write a spec for it, is absolute gold.


NYTimes on Location Tracking

Image: The New York Times

The New York Times published a fantastic exposé and data visualistion site about the scale of gathering and selling of location data. They obtained a file with 50 billion location pings of 12 million Americans and sifted through the data in horror. The data can be bought from data aggregation companies that offer data collected from apps on your smartphone, like news or coupons apps, not from telecom companies or the big tech companies. It was easy for the NYTimes journalists to see how many people visited the playboy mansion overnight, or the movements of people within the White House. They also describe a list of steps to protect yourself from this type of location data gathering.

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