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Friday, January 3, 2020

In This Edition:
Data Structures Vs Hash Tables, design tools, end users, Perl paint splatters & the history of ketchup!

Ordered Data Structres Vs Hash Tables


Evan Jones published an interesting and helpful article on the differences between ordered data structures and hash-tables, and when is best to use them.


Awesome Design Tools

Image: Lisa Dziuba

Lisa Dziuba has created a huge list of design tools for every scenario, from logo design and wireframing to augmented reality and 3D modelling tools.

Catering For End Users


The Instadeq Blog has a great list of things that end users care about but programmers don't, such as "Use the fonts I use in Office" and "emoji support".


Perl Paint Splatters


According to Colin McMillen, 93% of paint splatters can be recognised as valid Perl code using OCR software.


The History of Ketchup

Image: Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post has an interesting article on the history of Ketchup. It originated in 17th century China as a fermented fish sauce, without tomatoes, called ke-tsiap before travelling along the British empire to the west.

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