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Friday, January 31, 2020

In This Edition:
Modelling knot stability, cheap scaleable cloud hosting, PHP in 2020, Google Dataset Search & Science Diagrams That Look Like Shitposts!

Modelling Knot Stability

Image: MIT

Mathematicians and engineers at MIT have developed a model that predicts the stability of a knot. The model was created by observing the pressure on knots using fibres that change colour with pressure. A simulation was then created and tested against the real world results in order to validate the model.


Cheap Scaleable Cloud Hosting


Alex Oliver has published a great how to article describing the use of Google Cloud Run for cheap and auto scaleable serverless managed container hosting which is language agnostic.


PHP in 2020


Brent over at published an illuminating article on the current state of PHP in 2020. He describes the recent evolution of PHP to include strong types, closures and package managers, among other things.


Google Dataset Search

Image: Google

Google's Dataset Search tool has been released out of beta. The tool now includes filtering options by dataset type and usage rights.

Science Diagrams That Look Like Shitposts


Science Diagrams That Look Like Shitposts is a great twitter account. It is as described :-)

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