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Friday, February 7, 2020

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Clean Energy, Machine Being, Yng Ngheredigion, Book Covers 1820-1914, the OLAP cube, IDOR attacks, compressed air energy storage & 3D printed IKEA hacks!

Friends & Family in Ireland, please vote tomorrow. Your power to bring about change is with you at the ballot box. When you do vote, please remember that this is the last election to affect meaningful climate action. The world is burning and FFG are selling matches.

Machine Being - Jenn Kirby

Congratulations to my amazing wife Jenn Kirby on the release of her new album Machine Being today! You can buy the album on bandcamp and listen on all the streaming services. Also, I designed the cover! :-)

Celtic Connections: Yng Ngheredigion

Last week I attended the great Celtic Connections: Yng Ngheredigion concert in the Glad Cafe in Glasgow. Check out the photos from the gig here.

Clean Energy

Image: Beautiful News

Look at these fantastic Beautiful News data visualisations about how clean energy is increasing worldwide!


Book Covers 1820-1914

Public Domain Review have posted a fanstastic piece on book covers from 1820 to 1914. New mechanical binding techniques and cloth printing form 1820 allowed book covers to become a new artistic space. Feast you eyes on some glorious examples here.

The Rise & Fall of The OLAP Cube


The Holistics blog posted about the OLAP cube, the mainstay of enterprise data management for so many years, which is now falling out of favour and being replaced by more efficient parallel processing architecture and column store data warehouses.


Second Order IDOR Attacks

Image: Medium, Ozgur Alp

Ozgur Alp published an interesting medium post on Newsworthy about second order insecure object direct reference (IDOR) attacks. These cross site scripting attacks can take place when web application redirects are hijacked and identifiers are injected and used in without being validating.

Compressed Air Energy Storage


Low Tech Magazine descibes the fascinating possibilities of small scale compressed air energy storage (CAES), which are more sustainable than chemical batteries and robust enough to be suited to off-grid living. Parallel use of storage tanks can even allow for variable energy discharge to meet different energy requirements. 57 interconnected 10L storage tanks can match the output of four 24V car batteries for 20 hours with a storage capactiy of 410Wh, using 0.6m3 of space.

3D Printed IKEA Speaker Hacks


Swedish product designers teenage engineering have released a set of 3D printed accessories for the modular IKEA frekvens speaker and light system. They even offer the 3D printer files available for download on their website. This is the best example of a prcatical application for 3D printing that I've seen in while.

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