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Friday, February 14, 2020

In This Edition:
AI colour matcher, climate change impact maps, Co2 emission on the web, diversity in organisations, rotary mobile phone and jellyfish mucus grenades!

AI Colour Matcher

Image: provide a set of AI powered design tools that help the user get graphic design work done without the need to have too much graphic design experience. The company have two paid AI products on offer, logomaker and videomaker. They also offer a set of free assistive tools, including a colormatcher, a palette selection tool using AI generated colours.


Climate Change Impact Maps

Image: ESRI

ESRI published a set of Climate Change Impact maps for Europe using their ARCGIS software. The maps show comparisons between low emmissions and high emmissions scenarios for sea levels, droughts, income for farmers, flooding and fires.


Co2 Emissions On The Web

Image: Danny Van Kooten

Danny Van Kooten crunches the numbers on Co2 emissions for websites with high traffic in a recent blog post. He calculates that reducing file size by 1KB on a file that is loaded by 2 million websites reduces emissions by ~2950kg per month. That equates to 5 transatlantic flights between New York and Amsterdam.

Diversity in Organisations

Image: Medium, Karla Thomas

Karla Thomas posted a fantastic helper post on medium for organisations looking to welcome diversity, by actually doing the work and not just saying "We welcome diversity". The post describes initiatives that companies need to adopt such as anti-bias training, HR policy reviews, holiday celebration and assessment tools.

Rotary Mobile Phone


Justine Haupt created a rotary dial mobile phone, because she could! :-) Check out her how to post with schematics on her website.


Jellyfish Mucus Grenades



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