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Friday, February 21, 2020

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West Bank gym, Sound of Yell, Zín 07, noise bracelet, crystal randomness, better CSS gradients, 1940s ceramic tiles, Matter by The Line and We Are Irish!

Sound of Yell Album Launch

Image: Stevie Jones playing the guitar with a triangle!

Last weekend I was at the Sound of Yell album launch in the CCA in Glasgow. Check out my photos from the gig here. I've seen lots of unconventional music things over the years, but it was the first time I've seen anyone (in this case Stevie Jones) play a guitar with a triangle! :-p

Zín 07

Image: Zín

Táim ar bís a bheith san áireamh ins an zín eagrán 07! / I'm delighted to be included in zín issue 07!
Léigh é anseo: / Read it here.


Noise Bracelet

Image: University of Chicago

Researchers at The University of Chicago have developed a noise bracelet that jams smart speakers and microphones. The bracelet transmits white noise randomly in the 24kHz to 26kHz range.

True Crystal Randomness

Image: Lee et al, Matter 2020

A research team at the University of Glasgow have developed a novel way to generate true random numbers. They built an automated robot to manage chemical reactions in crystals which produce inifintely possible physical changes. The robot detects and records the changes in the crystals across multiple variables such as size, location, colour and shape and then converts the images to binary sequences. The resultant sequences are used to encode messages which pass the National Institute for Standards and Technology randomness tests and perform better than pseudorandom number generators.


Better CSS Gradients

Image: CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks published a handy post on how to create better css gradients using linear-gradient() and repeating-linerar-gradient().


1940s Ceramics

Image: Present and Correct

Check out these fabulous French tile ceramic designs from the 1940s, scanned from a catalogue by Present and Correct.

The Line - Matter

Image: YouTube, The Line

Want some haunting music to shake your emotions today? Then you are in luck, The Line has just released his fantastic new track Matter.

We Are Irish


Congratulations to Úna-Minh Kavanagh, author of Anseo, on the launch of her new website We Are Irish. In her own words:
"We Are Irish has been created to share good news, inspirational stories and positive pieces about Irish people and those with an affinity with Ireland. B’aoibhinn liom dea-scéala a fhógairt, I love to share good news." Go h-iontach!


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