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Friday, February 28, 2020

In This Edition:
MIT Open Courseware, open office plan fad, copyrighting every melody, concepts of understanding, software engineering beliefs, Oman Humanitarian Desalination Challenge and Perlee's Charlie's Song!

Open Plan Office Fad


A new harvard study has found what everyone who has ever worked in an open plan office knows, it's bad for productivity and communication. I was a fan of cubicles, maybe they could make a comeback :-p


Copyrighting Every Melody

Image: TEDx, Damien Riehl

In an attempt to stop music copyright lawsuits, Damien Rhiel and Noah Rubin, two programmer musicians algorithmically generated every possible 8 note, 12-beat melody combo and saved them to a hard drive. Once in tangible format, the work is considered copyrighted however because the MIDI data is numbers, and numbers are considered as facts in copyright law which have thin or no copyright claim, the music may be considered not copyrightable. They subsequently released the music data under creative commons, in the hope than further music copyright lawsuits that contest on melody alone could be thrown out of court.


Concepts of Understanding

Image: Twitter, G_S_Bhogal

Gurwinder published a great thread on Twitter listing many psychology, philosophy and political concept definitions and examples such as Ergodicity, Simpson's Paradox and Focusing Illusion to name but a few.

Software Engineering Beliefs


Wesley Aptekar-Cassels published a great list of beliefs about software engineering. The list could be interpreted as wisdom from experience, especially the last point about sleep is more important than choosing a programming language.

Oman Humanitarian Desalination Challenge


The Oman Humanitarian Delsalination Challenge is running a competition to create a hand-held, low-cost desalination device and is offering a prize of $700,000.


Perlee - Charlie's Song

Image: YouTube, Perlee

Check out the fantastic new track Charlie's Song by Berlin based Irish band Perlee.


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