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Friday, March 20, 2020

In This Edition:
COVID-19 simulations, COVID19 Open Source Medical Supplies, COVID-19 API, [email protected] for COVID-19, Minecraft Uncensored Library, every episode of Reeling In The Years and a Linux kernel in Windows 10!

COVID-19 Simulations

Image: The Washington Post

The Washington Post publish some fantastic COVD-19 outbreak simulations showing no countermeasures, forced quarantine, social distancing with 1/4 movement and 1/8 movement. The simulations clearly show that social distancing is the most effective at reducing the amount of people that get infected, and the more social distancing the better.

Open Source COVID19

Image: OSCMS

The Open SourceCOVID19 Medical Supplies Facebook group have published their first open source COVID19 medical supplies guide which aims to supply instructions on how to DIY medical supplies, such as ventilator parts, if/when they will be needed.


Image: covid19api.com

Kyle Redelinghuys created an API for Coronavirus data released by John Hopkins CSSE. The API allows the number of cases per country to be broken down and retrieved.


[email protected] COVID-19

[email protected] is a background application developed by Stanford which allows scientists to make use of the unused processing power of your computer to make calculations in experiments. [email protected] is currently allowing users to help in finding a treatment for COVID-19.


Minecraft Uncensored Library

Image: Uncensored Library

Reporters Without Borders have created a library in minecraft to hold articles that are censored in different countries in an effort to bypass internet censorship.

Reeling In The Years 1962 - 2009

Image: RTÉ

Hero Evin Ryan uploaded every episode of RTÉ's Reeling In The Years in order, covering 1962 to 2009.

Linux Kernel on Windows 10

Image: Microsoft

The new built in Linux kernel in Windows 10 will be available when Windows 10 version 2004 arrives. It will need to be installed manually for a few months before automatic installs are added. For a certain generation of computer people (including me!), hell hath just frozen over :-p


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