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Friday, April 3, 2020

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Lightswitch Method, hands-free door opener, how to take smart notes, what causes lift, JFK in Cork & liveview of Earth from ISS!

Last week Blindboy talked about how he is dealing with Covid related anxiety on his podcast, which includes some helpful tips about goal setting and identifying what is within your control. Listen here from about 46:15 onwards.

The COVID-19 Lightswitch Method

Image: Marissa Childs, Morgan Kain, Devin Kirk, Mallory Harris, Jacob Ritchie, Lisa Couper, Isabel Delwel, Nicole Nova, Erin Mordecai

Researchers at Stanford created an interactive model to simulate the results of different long term COVID-19 intervention strategies. The models show that lifting strong social distancing measures too quickly (between 5 and 10 months) will result in a resurgence of cases that could overwhelm hospital capacity. One solution to this in the long term is the lightswitch method, where strong social distancing measures are turned on once a hospital capacity threshold is reached (e.g. 15 patients), and turned off once the hospital numbers drop below a lower threshold (e.g. 2 patients). This method balances fighting the spread of COVID-19 and our lives and economies returning to a somewhat normal operation.

Hands Free Door Opener

Image: materialise

3D printing company materialise have created and openly released a hands free door handle that can be retrofitted to existing handles and allow people to open doors with the forearms.


How To Take Smart Notes

Image: Zettlekasten Blog

The Forte Labs blog posted a interesting summary of Sönke Ahrens book How To Take Smart Notes. Ahrens note taking system involves three levels of written notes, fleeting, literature and permanent, which are then cross referenced to build up a second memory.


What Causes Lift?

Image: Ian Allen

An surprising article in Scientific American describes how there is still no scientific consensus on how to fully describe how lift occurs around an aircraft wing. A combination of Bernoulli's Principle and Newton's Third Law describe most of what happens during lift. However, neither are fully emcompasing and newer theories that address why an area of low pressure is created above an airfoil are not universally accepted by scientists.

Cummins Sports Cork Photography Archive

Image: Cummins Sports

Cummins Sports, a Cork sportswear and equipment retailer, have published their photo archive online. The photos, taken by Kevin Cummins, capture a range of aspects of Cork life from the 1960s onwards, including when JFK visited Cork! (H/T to Vicky Langan for sharing).


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