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Friday, April 10, 2020

In This Edition:
Swiss map easter eggs, deep learning algorithms, reboot your 787, ternary state data molecule, public books database & Lankum at WGBH!

Swiss Map Easter Eggs

Image: Eye On Design

For years, retiring Swiss cartographers have been hiding illustrations in the Swiss Federal Office of Topography maps, such as drawings of a marmot, a spider, a fish and even a face.


Deep Learning Algorithms Guide

Image: Datacamp

AI Summer published a handy overview guide to all the different types of deep learning algorithms, describing each and showing when you should use them.


Reboot Your 787

Image: Boeing

The FAA has ordered all Boeing 787 aircraft to be turned off and on again every 51 days to prevent "stale data" from misleading pilots! The data that could be affected include airspeed, attitude and altitute! Oh and the stall warning horn might also stop working. WTF! Spot the multinational aircraft manufacturer without a working QA department.


Ternary State Data Molecule

Image: UL

Professor Damien Thompson and a team at the Bernel Institute at the University of Limerick have co-discovered a molecule that can maintain three seperate and stable asymmetric states within a broad temperature range of -100 to +100 °C. The discovery means that the molecule can be exploited to enhance current data storage technologies that operate on just two asymmetric states (0 and 1).

Public Books Database


Many academic presses have made hundreds of their titles freely accessible online as response to teh COVID-19 crisis. have published the Public Books Database to bring a list of all these book publishers together.


Lankum Live at WGBH

Image: YouTube, WGBH Music

WGBH Music in Boston released a fantastic video of RTÉ Choice Music award winners Lankum performing in the WGH Fraser Performance Studio. Drink it in.

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