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Friday, May 8, 2020

In This Edition:
Software folklore, leadership in uncertain times. tech spec writing, building secure & reliable systems, Jupiter's weather and Lisa Hannigan's Courage 2020 concert!

Bill Gates published a very interesting and very informative piece about a path to a vaccine for COVID-19. The overview of the options and various timelines may provide you with some clarity about what lies ahead. x

Sofware Folklore

Image: Andreas Zwinkau

Andreas Zwinkau has a great list of Software Folklore tales on his website, like figuring out why a car is allergic to vanilla ice-cream, and how moving the controller during a save crashed a Crash Bandicoot save on the Playstation.

Leadership In Uncertain Times

Image: a16z

Andreeson Horowitz collected a great list of articles on leadership, strategy, operations and other topics. There is lots of wisdom here with principles to help leaders in uncertain times.


Tech Spec Writing

Image: Stack Overflow

The Stack Overflow blog The Overflow has a very useful post by Zara cooper on how to write effective technical specifications, including a structure breakdown with a summatry of each section.


Building Secure & Reliable Systems

Image: Google, O'Reilly

Google have partnered with O'Reilly to publish the Building Secure & Reliable Systems book, which looks to security best practices from Google SRE teams. The book is available to download for free.


Jupiter's Weather

Image: International Gemini Observatory/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA M.H. Wong & team/Mahdi Zamani

Scientists are combining high resolution Hubble telescope images of Jupiter with near-infrared images taken from the Gemini Observatory and data from NASA's Juno Jupiter orbiter to study thunderstorms and other weather phenomena on Jupiter!


Lisa Hannigan Courage 2020

Image: YouTube, OtherVoicesLive

Last night, Lisa Hannigan played a concert in the National Gallery of Ireland as part of the Other Voices Courage 2020 streaming concert series. She was supported, at a social distance, by Loah and Kevin Murphy, and it was all kinds of beautiful. I think the concert will only be available online until tomrrow morning, so feed your soul while you can!

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