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Friday, May 15, 2020

In This Edition:
Denise Chaila, Life advice, manager's playbook, real database schemas, Kanmail, David McWilliams on The Wizard of Oz, & The Bog Bodies Soundtrack!

Other Voices Live are really smashing it with their Courage 2020 lockdown streams. Last night, Denise Chaila caused a cultural earthquake with GodKnows and DJ.Replay in The National Gallery of Ireland. Astounding and powerful, watch it and feel your emotions shake with rage agus bród.

Life Advice


Technologist elder Kevin Kelly published 68 Bits of Unsolited Advice, which are all gold.


Manager's Playbook

Image: Denise Yu

Kamil Sindi put together a great list of principles into a playbook for managers, which covers caoching, hiring, onboarding and announcing change, among other things.

Real Database Schemas

Image: DrawSQL

A large number of real life database schemas from open source projects such as Wordpress are available to view and learn from on the DrawSQL website.



Image: Oxygem

Struggling with managing all of your email in lockdown? Then Kanmail might be for you. Software developers Oxygem have released Kanmail, an email client app that lets you organise your email within a Kanban board.


Podcast of the Week: David McWilliams & The Wizard of Oz

Image: Acast, David McWilliams

You may be aware that the game Monopoly was actually invented by Lizzy Magie to highlight the inequalities of landlordism. This week in his podcast David McWilliams shares a similar bizzare historical origins story, this time about The Wizard of Oz which was actually a satircal commentary on the gold standard.

Bog Bodies Soundtrack

Image: Bog Bodies

Ahead of its release on May 27, a fantasticly eerie and atmospheric soundtrack for Bog Bodies was released. Bog Bodies by Declan Shalvey and Gavin Fullerton is a gangland crime thriller graphic novel set in Dublin and the excellent score is composer by Eric Kelleher. Listen to the haunting tunes here and pre-order the graphic novel Bog Bodies here.

See you next week!

See you next week :-)

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