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Friday, May 22, 2020

In This Edition:
Irish Heart, removing organisation silos, Information theory introduction, Microsoft static web apps, front-end security tips, IKEA's Bee Home and Adam Magyar's super-slow motion video!
My Irish Heart Breaks
With pride, to watch Glen and Lisa, Denise and Iarla, and all the Other Voices,
Being the beacon of courage that Ireland didn't know it needed.
With gratitude, for those risking it all outside,
So the rest can stay inside.
With sympathy, for the 1,583 people lost so far,
And for their families left without funerals.
With sadness, to hear of Pieta, Father Peter McVerry and the many many others,
That step into the breach when policies and state funding are found wanting.
With relief, that decisions are being made from the advice of experts,
Despite what the neighbours are doing.
With shame, to think of the poor souls stuck in Direct Provision,
Interned in a country that treats cattle better.
With frustration, to hear Leo say there's no such thing as free money,
When McWilliams says they'll pay us to take it.
With fascination, to see the Irish spirit on Twitter,
With Ruth's windows, Paddy's PPE, and Stairlift Ascends to name a few among many.
Le díomá, gur síleann daoine nach bhfuil Gaeilge chomh maith le Béarla,
In aoinneoin gurb í ár dteanga féin í. 
With excitment, to watch from outside how Ireland is growing,
With more political engagement, climate awareness, and covid adaptations.
With anticipation, of car less streets, a green economy, and appreciation of the arts.
Once homelessness, housing and health are fixed.
My Irish heart breaks sometimes, from not being at home,
But is strengthened, because home is always with me.

Removing Orgaisation Silos

Image: Illustrated Agile

Illustrated Agile are runing an excellent article series that deals with organisation silos. Part two of the series deals with how to work towards removing silos, by encourage personal journeys, developing fellowships and building accountability into the organisation.

Information Theory Introduction

Image: Medium, Federico Carrone

Information theory and entropy are theory topics that can quickly become very abstrast and difficult to get a handle on. Federico Carrone does a great job in this medium post at delivering an introduction to Information Theory that is based around real world scenarios to provide grounding context.

Microsoft App Service Static Web Apps

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has launched a static web apps product that allows for continuous deployment of a static web front end with dynamic serverless API powered backends. The apps can be automatically updated using a VS code extension that integrates with GitHub actions for continous deployment.


Frontend Security Tips

Image: Medium, Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta provides a very useful list of thirteen security tips for front-end developers, including disabling iframe embedding, using noreferrer anchor tags, and compartmentalising your application to reduce the threat surface area.

IKEA's Bee Home

Image: Space10

IKEA's reasearch lab Space10 has collaborated with design studio Bakken & Bæck and industrial designer Tanita Klein to create Bee Home, an open source design for a wooden Bee Home that people can build and install at home. The Bee Home website allows you to customise the size and configuration of your Bee Home, and then download the instructions and CNC files to use to fabricate the wooden home.


Super-slow Motion Video

Image: Adam Magyar

Adam Magyar's latest series Stainless shows train platforms in super-slow motion. The footage is captured at 1,300 frames per second and is is slowed down in a mesmiring fashion, such as to show a blink over 3 to 4 seconds. Check out the amazing video exceprts on the Nautilus article.


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