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Friday, May 29, 2020

In This Edition:
Polish water clams, fast or slow, thermoelectric stoves, NVIDIA Jetson object detection, Blindboy with Brenda & John Romero, & a LED face mask!
"As long as you're drawing breath, stay curious and keep going"
President Michael D Higgins, 2020

Polish Water Clams

Image: Fat Kathy

The city water supply of Warsaw in Poland uses a rotating team of 8 clams to test the water quality of the supply. If the clams close after detecting toxins in the water supply, they complete a circuit which trips and alarm and shuts off the water supply of the city. (H/T to Mikael for sharing this)


Fast or Slow


Fast or Slow allows you to test the speed of your website from multiple locations around the world.


Thermoelectric Stoves

Image: Low Tech Magazine

Low Tech Magazine published an interesting article on equipping a stove with a thermoelectrical generator (TEG). A TEG is about 5% efficient at generating electricity, however if the heat from the stove is being generated anyway for other reasons (heating, cooking etc), then adding a TEG would be a more reliable way to generate electricity than installing solar panels.

Nvidia Jetson Nano Object Detection

Image: Imran Bangash

Imran Bangash over on Towards Data Science describes how to build an object detection system with a NVIDIA Jetson Nano, a USB camera and ML libraries.

Podcast of the Week: Blindboy Interviews Brenda & John Romero

Image: Acast, Blindboy Boatclub

In his podcast this week, Blindboy played an excellent live interview with Brenda & John Romero, who are video game royalty. Brenda is a fullbright scholar and has been working in the games industry since 1981, and John was a game designer on Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein 3D. The interview is an enjoyable listen into the world of video game history, including the large role that women have played in computer programming history. Brenda and John also describe the new game their company in Galway is building called Empire of Sin, which includes an Irish gangster that uses a hurley to beat up his rivals!

LED Face Mask

Image: Tyler Glaiel

Programmer Tyler Glaiel built a face mask with a LED display that illustrates speech, can can even display a smile. He has also posted the code on GitHub.


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