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Friday, July 10, 2020

In This Edition:
Mars crater flyby, water filled glass windows, supercomputer coronavirus particles simulation, COVID-19 datapack, GDPR developer's guide, threat modelling for developers, tools for better thinking, and Hugh Jackman on Tim Ferriss!

Mars Crater Flyby

Image: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

The European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft captured a video of the ice-filled Korolev crater on Mars using its high resolution stereo camera.


Water Filled Glass Windows

Image: Loughborough University

Dr. Matyas Gutai of Loughborough University has developed and tested a new energy efficient building option, Water Filled Glass (WFG) windows. The WFG system holds water between layers of glass windows, allowing the sun to heat the water, providing insulation and sound proofing. The hot water is then pumped out, replaced, and stored in a water tank. When the temperature drops, the hot water is circulated around pipes to heat the building. The system uses up to 72% less energy than a traditional double glazing and heating system setup.


Japanese Supercomputer COVID-19 Particle Simulation

Image: Riken / Toyohasi University of Technology

The Japanese Fugaku supercomputer produced a particle simulation of COVID-19 spread in an office environment. Running 416 quadrillion calculations per second, the supercomputer simulation shows how ineffectual office partitions are over time at containing the spread of COVID-19 aerosols.


COVID-19 Datapack

Image: Information Is Beautiful

Data visualisation heavy weight Information Is Beautiful (David McCandless) has published a datapack of Coronavirus visualisations with links to the underlying data. The site includes this handy reference diagram (above) showing the risk profile of various activities. (P.S. Wear a mask)

GDPR Developer's Guide

Image: cnil.fr

France's Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés published a great wide ranging GDPR guide for developers, covering compliance, securing source code, infrastructure selection and data retention management among other things.


Threat Modelling For Developers

Image: Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler of ThoughtWorks published a detailed and very useful guide to threat modelling for developers. The guide walks through the process of modelling data flow and identifying potential risks.


Tools For Better Thinking

Image: Untools.co

Untools.co documents a set of mental models and processes used in systems thinking, decision making and problem solving.


Podcast of the Week: Tim Ferriss & Hugh Jackman

Image: tim.blog, Ben Watts

Tim Ferriss' recent interview with Hugh Jackman is very inspiring. Not only is Hugh a Tim Ferriss fanboy, but he drops lots of wisdom bombs about his daily rituals and how he positions himself physically and mentally for continued contentment and success. A very enjoyable listen.

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