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Friday, August 21, 2020

In This Edition:
Music of The Madolorian, lockpicking with sound, Bloom filters, modern product specs, and computation exam answers!

Music of The Madolorian

Image: YouTube, Variety

Variety interviewed composer Ludwig Göransson (Black Panther, This Is America) about how he composed the iconic score for the Mandolorian, which at the same time reaffirming how cool an instrument the base recorder is!

Lockpicking With Sound

Image: Soundarya Rames, Harini Ramprasad, Jun Han

Researchers at the National Unviersity of Singapore have developed a system called SpiKey that can predict 10 possible options of a key design just by recording the sound of a key in a lock. Of the 586,584 possible key combinations for a 6-pin lock, SpiKey can be used on approx. 56% of them to generate candidate key options that will open the lock.


Bloom Filters

Image: onatm.dev

Onat Yigit Mercan posted a great explainer on Bloom filters, a data structure used as a sort of fuzzy hash map for membership of collections. The filters can be used to query if items are in a large database without using large amounts of memory. For example, a database of 1 million entries can use a bloom filter of just 1.14MB.


Modern Product Specs

Image: Product Coalition

Product Dave over on Product Coalition published a great step by step guide on how to make modern product specifications. The guide covers making wireframes, to feature identification with the team, through to wiki docs and high fidelity prototypes.

Computation Exam Answers

Image: YouTube, Easy Theory

Easy Theory on YouTube posted a 4 hour video which answers every Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) Theory of Computation exam question since 1991!

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