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Friday, August 28, 2020

In This Edition:
Bill Gates On Vehicles, green hosting, 5 tips from blind web users, AVIF images and slow motion insect takeoffs!

Bill Gates On Vehicles

Image: YouTube, Gates Notes

Bill Gates published a blog post about his thoughts on the future of transport, in particularly vehicle transport. Electric vehicles are great for short haul, provided the efficiency of battery weight to range is improved. He sees the future of long-haul transport in biofuels, that can take CO2 from the atmosphere and combine with water to create hydrogen without any waste. These biofuels power vehicles and extract CO2 from the air, a win win!


Green Hosting

Image: The Green Web Foundation

The Green Web Foundation publish a directory of web hosting companies in every country that provide proof of their green claims. Choose a provider on this green list the next time you are buying a hosting package.

5 Tips From Blind Web Users

Image: The Big Hack

Holly Tuke lists five handy tips to get right on your website to make sure blind users can read the page correctly using a screenreader. The tips include using headings correctly, and describing links correctly rather using "click here", among others.


AVIF Images

Image: Lightspeed

The Lightspeed blog has an explainer on the new AVIF image format, which offers a 50% smaller file size over JPG.


Slow Motion Insect Takeoffs

Image: Ant Lab

Dr. Adrian Smith from NC State filmed a variety of insects in slow motion as they take flight, the results are mesmirising, especially the ones that throw their arms in the air in anticipation!


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