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Friday, September 25, 2020

In This Edition:
Lab In A Box, cultivating diversity & inclusion at work, web skills, lesser known web APIs, and speed bag music!

I'm really enjoying watching Cobra Kai! It's a sequel series to the Karate Kid films of the 80s with the same characters and actors. It's cheese on toast most of the time, but the nostalgia is top notch. Time to dust of my Tae Kwon Do red belt that I got when I was 9 years old!

Lab In A Box

Image: Imperial College London

Staff and students of the Physics department in Imperial College London have converted a series of physics experiment equipment into a portable lab in a box which can be sent to any student around the world.

Cultivating Diversity & Inclusion At Work

Image: LinkedIn, The Guardian


Web Skills

Image: GitHub, Andreasbm

Web developer Andreas from Denmark publishes an amazing and comprehensive list of every web development resources imaginable.

Lesser Known Web APIs

Image: Greenroots

The Greenroots blog published an interesting post describing some lesser known Web APIs such as the Image Capture API and Network Information API.


Speedbag Music

Image: YouTube, BBTV

Watch Alan Kahn, aka The Speed Bag King, play beats on a boxing speed bag! Afterwards, watch him play along to the William Tell overture.


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