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Friday, October 2, 2020

In This Edition:
GitHub security code scanning, COVID-19 vaccine predictions, That Great Business Show, Supercrash, and MurLi's Till The Wheels Fall Off video!

GitHub Code Scanning

Image: GitHub

GitHub have launched an automatic security code scanning feature for repositories, that identifies potential security issues in code files. So far they've scanned 12,000 repos 1.4 million times and found 20,000 security issues.


COVID-19 Vaccine Predictions

Image: Center For Global Development

The Center For Global Development have published research on predicting the rollout timelines of a COVID-19 vaccine. The predictions show a 50% chance of a vaccine by April 2021, rising to 100% by September 2023. The paper also estimates that a total of just under 24 billion doses will be needed globally, distributed between health workers (115m), 65+ people(1.6bn), at risk people (4.2bn), and the rest of the population (18bn).

Podcast of the Week: That Great Business Show

Image: That Great Business Show

Irish readers may remember the great radio show on TodayFM called The Sunday Business Show that was hosted by Conal Ó Móráin that sadly went off air in 2018. Well, Conal is back with a new podcast and a new co-host, former Irish rugby player and investor Jamie Heaslip. Check out That Great Business Show on

Book Review: Supercrash by Darryl Cunningham

Image: Supercrash, Myriad Editions

This week I read the riveting & eye-opening Supercrash. Using the medium of comic strips, the author deftly delivers the outrageous facts and context behind the 2008 financial crash, it's beginnings in the theories and influence of Ayn Rand and her objectivists, and the systematic hijacking of the economic and political world since. Most presciently, the division between left and right wing is brilliantly explained, using succinct captions and poignant illustrations. A must-read explainer for the world we find ourselves in today.

MuRli - Till The Wheels Fall Off

Image: YouTube, narolane records

Limerick rapper MuRli released his excellent video to his track Till The Wheels Fall Off this week, shot in Dalymount Park in Dublin. Dalymount is the home ground of Bohemians Football club which recently released a jersey with the slogan "Refugees Welcome" on the front. The track's chorus features the poignant line "Nobody's safe here, unless we all are".

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