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Friday, October 9, 2020

In This Edition:
Be Loud, the sound of Covid-19 spreading, CloudFlare privacy-first analytics, Stanford data visualisation exhibition, colour controversy, the history of mashed pototes, and the excellent John Spillane & Pauline Scanlon!

The Sound of Covid-19 Spreading


Dutch data visualisation company TULP Interactive created, a website that sonifies the spread of COVID-19 by ringing a bell each time a person is infected.

CloudFlare Privacy-First Analytics

Image: CloudFlare

As part of their 10th birthday week, Cloudflare announced a range of new products and services, including a privacy-first web analytics product, which doesn't finger-print individual users, or use any client side state tracking.


Stanford Data Visualisation Exhibition

Image: Stanford

The Stanford University Libraries have a fantastic data visualisation exhibition available online showing great examples of data visualisation, many historic in nature, including this fabulous paleontological map of Ireland & the UK from 1850.


Colour Controversy


I often have "discussions" with my wife over the designation of particular colours, particularly the colour of the paint in our sitting room which I say is grey and she says is light blue. Have some mindless clicking fun this Friday afternoon with Colour Controversy, a site that serves you up a colour and asks you to pick from two possible answers. The percentage answers are shown after you pick, and you can even see a leaderboard of the most controversial colours!

The History Of Mashed Potatoes

Image: Unsplash, Anna Stampfli

Did you know that spuds were banned in France in 1748, until a French pharmacist prisoner of war popularised them again, including mash, after living on them while imprisoned? Well I didn't, and I'm Irish! This article on Mental Floss is full of fun potatoe facts!


John Spillane & Pauline Scanlon at Cork Folk Festival

Image: YouTube, Trad TG4

Every few years I'm reminded of John Spillane's great music, from The Dunnes Stores Girl to The Ferry Arms to The Songs We Learned In School. The continued output is a testament to his work ethic. This week, after 37 years of performing at The Cork Folk Festival, John headlined the festival with a concert alongside singer Pauline Scanlon. The gig was streamed and recorded by TG4 and features songs from their upcoming new album 100 Snow White Horses. I was blown away at how beautiful and touching these songs are. John's signature sound is softened and complimented fully with Pauline's elegant tone, absolutely thar barr! Their album 100 Show White Horses is available for pre-order on John's website.

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