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Friday, October 23, 2020

In This Edition:
FT pandemic graphs, mission protocol, efficient solar panel patterns, Motherfoclóir on Peig, A Dark Room text adventure, and feisty face mites!

Conor Pope from The Irish Times has published a list of 200 Irish online retailers that can be supported during your online Christmas shopping this year.

FT Pandemic Graphs


The Financial Times Visual & Data Journalism team have compiled a monster article full of graphs telling the story of the COVID-19 pandemic so far.


Mission Protocol


Mission Protocol is a code of conduct that technology companies can adopt to ensure that their work and mission are well defined and committed to be free from harassment, abuse and other principles. The mission protocol provides a versioned standard that companies can use and display as a badge on their website.

Efficient Solar Panel Patterns

Image: Li et al, Optica 2020

Researchers from the University of York have tested the efficiency of patterns on solar panels for energy absorption and have discovered a pattern that can increase absorption by 125%!


Podcast of the Week: Motherfoclóir on Peig

Image: Motherfoclóir, Kirsten Shiel

In this episode of Motherfoclóir about Peig, the team finally let loose with both barrels on the Peig myth. Peig Sayers lived on the Blasket Islands off the coast of Kerry at the turn of the 20th century. Her auto-biography in Irish about her hard life on the islands was on the Leaving Certificate Irish exam curriculum until 1995. The Peig myth, which has persisted long since the book was taken off the syllabus, blames any perceived difficulty with learning Irish on having to learn about Peig and the harsh life she led. In reality, Peig was a seanachaí, a folklore storyteller, and 350 of her Irish language stories were dictated to the Folklore Commission and for some, her telling of the stories is the only surviving record. This episode of Motherfoclóir is absolute fire and is full of heritage appreciation, feminist empowerment and a huge dose of cop the fuck on. Maith sibh.
(P.S. A new bilingual book of her stories called Peig Sayers - Not The Final Word, recorded during a hopsital visit in 1952, has just been released including the recordings on CD.

A Dark Room Text Adventure

You are in a dark room. The fire is dwindling. A haggered stranger enters. What happens next is up to you.
A dark room is a fabulous text based adventure game that can be played in the browser, and can easily eat up your afternoon :-)

(H/T to Anna Murray for sharing)


Feisty Face Mites

Image:  SCIEPRO/Getty Images/Science Photo Libra

The one year anniversary episode of the NPR Short Wave podcast adds even more hilarity than usual when telling us about the microscopic mites that live on everyone's face, where they stay during the day and what they get up to at night!


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