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Friday, November 13, 2020

In This Edition:
Virgin Hyperloop passenger test, iron as renewable fuel, newspaper e-ink display, 1000 SVG polygons, The Almanac of Ireland, and Strange Boy's The Pope!

Virgin Hyperloop Passenger Test

Image:Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop conducted its first test with passengers. Virgin Hyperloop co-founder Josh Giegel and Director of Passenger Experience Sara Luchian were the first to travel on the 500 meter long test track at 387kmph.


Iron As Renewable Fuel

Image: Bart van Overbeeke/TU Eindhoven

Working with researchers from TU Eindhoven, the Swinkels Family Brewers in The Netherlands are the first to employ at scale the burning of Iron as a renewable fuel. Finely ground iron powder burns cleanly at high temperatures and produces iron oxide (rust) as its only emission. Best of all, this rust can be reenrgised back in to iron powder using electricity, for use as a combustable source of energy again!


Daily Newspaper E-Ink Display

Image: Alexander Klöpping

Alexander Klöpping writes about how he setup a 32inch e-ink display to show the front page of the New York Times every day. Want!

1000 Generated SVG Polygon Shapes

Image: dosylogo

Want 1000 generated SVG Polgon shapes? Who doesn't?!


Podcast of the Week: The Almanac of Ireland

Image: The Almanac of Ireland

I recently interviewed Manchán Magan over on Smart Thinking Books and as a result this week I sought out his podcast The Almanac of Ireland and I was not disappointed! In the episode Hellmouth, Manchán goes in search of the ancient mystical cave enterance to the Cetlic underworld, in a field in Roscommon. He ventures 7 meters underground into the cave with no light and just a microphone and a book for company. The results is podcast gold, listen here.

The Pope - Strange Boy

Image: YouTube, Welcome To The New World

Limerick rapper Strange Boy released a savage song today called The Pope, along with a slick video by Enda Gallery. Sing along here.

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