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Friday, December 11, 2020

In This Edition:
Fish farmers, COVID illustrations, polynomials vs machine learning, marketing examples, and effective reading!

This week, Other Voices & Ireland's Edge streamed Available Light / Solas, an excellent two day event of information and thought proving talks and musical performances. Both nights are available to watch back on the Other Voices Live YouTube channel.

Fish Farmers

Image: Rohan Brooker

Researchers at Griffith & Deaking universities have found proof that longfin damselfish have domesticated mysid shrimp. These damselfish farm algae for food, and use the mysid shrimp feces as fertilizer. They even protect the shrimp from other fish outside the farm that try to eat the shrimp.


COVID Illustrations

Image: Pixel True

Pixel True have created a set of 24 lovely illustrations that depict different aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, using cartoon animals no less. The pack is available to download under the Creative Commons licence.


Polynomials Vs Machine Learning

Image: null program

Chris Wellons on null program describes how he built a race car simulator using polynomial calculations instead of using a more complicated, and this case less efficient machine learning solution, in order to demonstrate that not every problem needs to be solved with machine learning.


Marketing Examples

Image: Marketing Examples

Marketing Examples is a great newsletter and website that deep dives into best practice examples of how brands, campaigns, or viral memes come about, take hold and can be engineered.

Effective Reading

Image: Denys Zhadanov

I came across two great guides on effective reading this week, a detailed guide from Maarten Van Doorn and a more digestible guide from Denys Zhadanov. Both posts overlap on some great techniques on how to read with purpose, take notes, and recall and synthesis those notes into long term knowledge.

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