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Friday, January 8, 2021

In This Edition:
World vaccinations, 100 tips for a better life, 2020s technology, conflict resolution models, DALL-E text to image generator, and The Echo Chamber Podcast on The Economics of Hope!

I'm catching up on the TG4 New Years Eve show Fáilte 2021 on the TG4 player at the moment, and the music is fantastic, including a class rendition of Óro by Megan Nic Ruairí and Emma Ní Fhíoruisce at 48mins.


World Vaccinations

Image: Our World In Data

Our World In Data published a new dashboard showing the number of COVID-19 vaccination doses administered per 100 people in the total population.

100 Tips for a Better Life

Image: Available to licence on EyeEm.

Lesswrong published a great list of 100 tips for a better life, which covers topics such as cooking, productivity, rationality, realtionships and joy.


2020s Technology


Eli Dourado published an interesting technology prediction blog post looking at what the 2020s could bring to us in terms of technology advancements.


Conflict Resolution Models

Image: Available to licence on EyeEm.

CTO Craft break down different conflict scenarios and the models available for resolution, such as interst-based rational approach, transactional analysis and others, in this useful blog post.


DALL-E Text To Image Generator

Image: OpenAI

OpenAI showcased DALL-E, a 12 billion parameter rsion of GPT-3 that can generate both real life and unreal images from a line of text!


Podcast of the Week: The Echo Chamber Podcast - The Economics of Hope

Image: The Echo Chamber Podcast

In an excellent recent episode of The Echo Chamber Podcast, Tony and Martin interview Professor Emeritus of Economics, P.J Drudy. The interview is a fantastic whirlwind tour of what direction Ireland can go in to create a meaningful & equitable society.

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