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Friday, January 15, 2021

In This Edition:
Deepfake detection wins BTYSTE, database deepdive for developers, engineering axioms, That Great Business Show with Conor McEnroy, & GameBoy WorkBoy!

Deepfake Detection Wins BTYSTE

Image: Greg Tarr


Database Deepdive For Developers

Image: Medium, Jaana Dogan

Jaana Dogan posted a deepdive on 17 topics that can help developers better understand the inner workings and exception scenarios when working with databases, such as the realities of ACID, latency issues, and clock skews.

Engineering Axioms

Martin Rue published a great list of his engineering axioms, principles to live your work life by. The useful advice stretches across the technical and social domains, like "don't pick a solution until you've thought of at least one more" and "treat people who know less than you with respect and patience".


Podcast of the Week: That Great Business Show with Conor McEnroy

Image: That Great Business Show

On a recent episode of That Great Business Show, Conall & Jamie interview Conor McEnroy, the Irish owner of a bank in Paraguay. The interview is fantastic! Conor tells stories of various adventures in business he has had in South America, like being kidnapped and gun point and being in a hotel when a bomb goes off. The latter section of the interview enters the realm of real talk where Conor spells out the clear corruption that still exists in Ireland. I didn't want this interview to end.

GameBoy WorkBoy

Image: YouTube, DidYouKnowGaming

YouTuber DidYouKnowGaming tracked down a fascinating unreleased GameBoy accessory from 1992 that turned the GameBoy into a desktop computer! WorkBoy used a connected keyboard and game cartridge to bring PDA functionality to the GameBoy with apps like calculator, alarm, phone book and appointment book, in 1992!


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