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Friday, January 29, 2021

In This Edition:
Lockdown soundmap, GPS vulnerabilities, Adobe Flash EOL nightmares, MuscleWiki, and three years of clothing tracking!

Lockdown Soundmap

Image: Google Earth

Pete Stollery has created a project on Google Earth called COVID-19 Sound Map that allows people to upload soudns of their environments during lockdown to Google Earth. You can explore what the lockdown sounds like aroudn the world here.

GPS Vulnerabilities

Image: Unsplash, Henry Perks

Kate Murphy in The New York Times wrote a fascinating article about the vulnerabilities of GPS and how GPS signals can be spoofed and interfered with by anyone from nation states to delivery drivers wanting to take longer breaks who unintentially interfere with airport tracking systems!

Adobe Flash EOL Nightmares

Image: ZDNet

On December 31, 2020 Adobe Flash reached its official End Of Life (EOL) and on January 12, 2021 Adobe disabled Flash from running. Despite months of warnings and notices, some users did not migrate away from Flash in time and have been forced into some questionable decision making in order to keep critical services running. The South African Revenue Service decided to launch their own browser that still runs Flash rather than migrate their form based systems that were built in flash. A more critical issue took place in Northern China where the railroad system in Dalian was forced to shutdown after staff were unable to create train schedules and shunting plans after flash was deactivated. That's some breaking change! They fixed the issue by installing a pirated version of Flash!



Image: MuscleWiki

MuscleWiki is a handy tool that allows you to select a muscle and view the streches and various exercise that can target that muscle group.


Three Years Of Clothing Tracking

Image: Reaktor

Olof Hoverfält tracked every piece of clothing that he wore for three years. The resulting analysis, data and charts published on Reaktor is a fascinating read. Olof analyses his clothing on cost per wear, performance and sustainability. His advice after three years is buy and wear what you need and love, and don't waste time on second tier clothing.


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